19 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Business

19 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Business - Anant Vijay Soni

I’m going to tell you 19 Social Media Marketing tips for your small business. I’m going to tell you, how to get more traffic to your website from social media. I’m going to tell you how to get more engagement and we’ll tell you how to get more followers and I’m going to tell you how to build your brand in a positive light so that people view it and trust it in a great way.

  1. The Same Username for All Social Media Platforms:

    First thing you need to do is when you’re creating your usernames use the same one if possible for all platforms so your username for Twitter should be the same for Facebook, should be the same for Instagram, Pinterest etc so for instance if you go to twitter.com/JeffBullas, you’ll notice that you come up with Jeff Bullas and his profile. He has a very well-known Social Media Marketing brand and you’ll notice that his twitter handle is at JeffBullas, all one word so when you go to twitter.com/JeffBullas it comes up right here if you go to Pinterest.com/JeffBullas it does the same thing goes straight to the same guy and his profile on Pinterest. so you notice he has a consistent username and a consistent brand so it’s easy for you to find him he makes it easy for you to locate him on different platforms by having a consistent username and a consistent link to his profile so do that and it’ll make it easier for people to find you on social media.

  2. Follow buttons on your website:

    If you have follow buttons on your website it allows you to get the most followers possible by leveraging not just social media but leveraging the traffic from your website. so, for instance, Huffington Post one of the biggest news websites around you’ll notice, if you goto the top right corner they have a link to their Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest profiles so you click those and it allows you to go their profiles and follow them very quickly, they get a ton of traffic so a lot of people that may not even know that they’re on these social media platforms can go straight from the website very easily no matter what page they’re on and follow them very quickly so you want to do that to maximize the number of followers you have to get the most traffic.

  3. Make a list of your competitors and industry leaders:

    You want to make a list of your competitors and industry leaders to study their patterns, so when you do this and you actually study the people that are the best in your industry, you’ll notice that you can find patterns in what they’re doing. You can find consistent things that multiple brands that are leaders in their industry. Do that you can incorporate into your business so, if you go to twitter.com, for instance, you can create a list from your profile of profiles that you want to follow and that you want to observe for instance. I created an influencers list on my profile is 25 members of people that know a lot about entrepreneurship and marketing so I can go and observe these peoples profiles and figure out what they’re doing consistently to build their brand and I can wonder how they’re doing it because they’ve already been successful doing it. So it allows you to pick up some great strategies so you should be always learning from the best. As you go on you should always be observing who is doing something well that you want to do well to get the best tools, the best strategies that will get you there.

  4. Daily Posting on All Social Media Platforms:

    You need to post daily the more you post the better in some cases, but you need to post at least once a day on every single platform, that’s one thing you cannot. That’s one thing you have to do is post daily so there’s a great infographic on buffer.com and it talks about what the best times or how often you want to post on the different profiles in social media, for instance, they say five times per day or so on Pinterest, they say three times per day on Twitter, you can actually do more than that we’ve tested that you know someone like Jeff bolts. He’s a very famous social media marketer he posts many more times than that per day on Twitter. so you can also test these things, but this is a great infographic that kind of helps you get started. You don’t want to post any more than twice a day on Facebook because the shelf life of a Facebook post is much longer than say, Pinterest or Twitter, in other words, it stays in the newsfeed longer on Facebook than it does on others to go to this infographic on buffer.com and you’ll kind of see the psychology behind and the numbers behind posting how many different times per day and why it works so just keep that in mind and don’t over post and don’t under post.

  5. Social share buttons on the website:

    Use easy social share buttons for WordPress and this is a plug-in, of course, this applies if you have a WordPress website if you don’t have a WordPress website then you might find a different alternative but I use this for mine because I use WordPress. I believe in WordPress I think it’s one of the best platforms. It actually takes up about 26% of the entire Internet now so if you go to a blog post that I did on my website you’ll notice on the far left side. when you say share this on Twitter and then you do that I have this come up and it is a list of places where you can follow me on social media and so that’s just one of the great options that most social media share buttons don’t have it allows you to follow somebody after you share their content so it gets me that many more followers just naturally from people already sharing stuff that I wrote so if you use something like that you can go to code Canyon and find their plug-in called easy social share buttons for WordPress just like that it’s like $19 but it’s well worth the cost because you get so many more options and that you wouldn’t get with other ones like the ability to get people to follow you. After they share your stuff plus your social share buttons are going to be great as well.

  6. Post Scheduler:

    Use a scheduler like a buffer or HootSuite so I did an actual comparison between buffer and HootSuite and you can check that out too pretty well-watched Article. it’s got a lot of views and I go over the differences and similarities between buffer and HootSuite because they’re similar services. But if you want to just get the best service for free to start out with scheduling and automating some of your social media stuff I would recommend one of those say for instance HootSuite allows you to put all your private messages from social media in one dashboard. so you can view all of them on one screen it also allows you to automate posting so you can create a schedule and every time you upload a post into that it will post it on that schedule automatically for you. buffer does a lot of the same stuff they don’t have the messaging thing but they also have West branding. so it just kind of depends on what you’re looking for they both have free plans so I would try out both you might even find a way to use both of them at the same time I’ve also done that as well but use one of those to automate social media a little bit and just make it to. where you don’t have to keep logging back on just to post every single time.

  7. Analytics to find popular trends:

    Studying analytics to find popular trends okay. so you’re looking for the popularity of posts you’re looking for indicators of what posts are working and what posts are not so there’s actually a lot of great analytic tools for social media. because social media is so popular essentially big marketing and traffic resource now so keyhole has a great post called the list of the top 25 social media analytics tools. I would recommend you check this out to get an idea of what analytic tools you might try. of course, I use things like the buffer, HootSuite. I’ve used Google Analytics, it’s another great one clout another one but this is just a great list that will show you different ones and what they do to kind of give you an idea of what you think, you’ll need. because everybody has their own needs but you need to be studying the numbers from social media. because if you don’t know the numbers you won’t know how to stop doing. what’s not working and stop wasting your time? you won’t know how to build on things that are working because you won’t know which ones posts are getting the most engagement, so if you have a post that gets you know 50 shares and you have a post that gets zero you need to stop doing the types of posts. that get zero and build on the ones that get 50 shares so you build your brand more over time by working more efficiently. To work more efficiently you need analytics.

  8. Humanity and be relatable:

    Show a little humanity and be relatable to the human side of social media is one of the most powerful strategies. you can do long-term social media will always be changing it will always be improving different apps will pop up, different services will pop up different competitors, but the same principles will apply principles like being human on social media and showing that you’re not just a robot. you’re not just completely automating everything, you’re actually caring about what people are interacting you care about responding to their messages things like that so there’s a great post on entrepreneur column called why being human on social media is the best strategy. you’ll ever have great post-it will tell you kind of why you need to be human. how to do that what it looks like and how to really connect on a more personal level as a brand with your followers. I recommend you read that and just try to be more human traditional human side to your business.

  9. Credibility & Professional:

    Make your profile look professional inviting and showcase your credibility indicators. so, for instance, let’s go back to the Jeff Bullas profile he has a professional clear picture of his face it’s not hard to tell what he looks like. he has a nice quote and he talks about where he’s been featured on some major networks. that people have all heard of he also talks about his credibility in his profile. number one content marketing influencer, Social Media Marketing strategist and speaker Forbes. top 10 social-media influencer, number one global business blog things like that can really earn the trust of people. before they even know who you are, so if you prove to people that you are trustworthy that you are credible in your industry, they will trust you more, thank more of you. so let’s find another example Neil Patel he’s a very well-known marketer and he has a professional picture of himself, perfectional background picture you can see he has a lot of followers but he also talks about the companies he started there’s a link to his website he talks about the different companies. he’s helped and influenced and invested in that are very well known that you might recognize doing things like that, really build trust with people share your accomplishments share your education, your certifications and make a professional profile don’t look like an amateur.

  10. Interact with your followers:

    You want to interact with your followers because otherwise it’s going to be too one-sided and one thing you can do there’s a great blog post on code schedule calm about 21 social media engagement tactics that will grow your audience. and one of the main things, that they talk about are actually engaging with people actually showing them that you’re reading what they’re writing. It talks about a lot of different ways to just be more personal give a personal touch on social media without just being a robot and just posting stuff without actually responding to anyone. so the whole point is you want to respond to people. you want to join chats you want to ask followers questions and let them know your opinions and retweet them back and share the post that you think we’re really cool. that they did stay just sharing your own things like that tagging other commenters stuff like that can really build your brand and really make people like you because they’ll see that you’re actually paying attention to them and giving them away respect and a little attention.

  11. Facebook loves Facebook:

    You want to remember Facebook loves Facebook. so as a small business you’re probably going to have a Facebook page. that’s one of the main social media platforms out there if you have a Facebook page, I want to show you something that you’ll learn the hard way but I’d like you to learn without having to go through trial-and-error because it takes too long and I would rather you get results faster instead having to do everything. in a hard way like I did, so, for instance, compare a couple of different posts, that you’ve done on your Facebook page and you’ll notice, in few post, 40 people were reached. In few posts you’ll notice on image with a quote in it 378 people were reached,  and a video which was uploaded directly to Facebook as not a YouTube video was reached by 414 people if you go up and you see links they do a lot works they get a lot less engagement so Facebook loves Facebook, they want you to stay on Facebook. they don’t want you to go to links, they don’t want you to go to other websites. they want you to stay on Facebook. as long as possible so don’t share YouTube videos on Facebook. upload the video directly to Facebook. don’t share a lot of links. share images do things like that will get engagement but still, keep them on Facebook’s website.

  12. Think Like Follower:

    Put yourself in your follower shoes think about what they are looking at. put yourself in their position how would you feel if you sauce another brand post. what you just posted so there’s a great quote that explains this it’s called. people don’t ever think from the other person’s perspective, if you did you might understand some more. so if you can’t figure out why they’re not engaging with your profile or why they’re not following you on social media. there’s a reason for it there’s a very good reason for it you have to just figure it out by putting yourself in their shoes. look at the profile you can even go to say a consumer testing website. I think it’s called usertesting.com, look it up, you’ll find it in Google. it’s something like that where you can actually test websites and social media profiles and products and things like that to figure out what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong and get other people’s perspectives. so look at your own stuff when you post it and figure out how you would feel about it if you weren’t a part of the company or just ask your family and friends or ask people that you don’t know. or ask employees what do they think about your profile. where they think about your posting things like that and you’ll get a better idea of why people do what they do with your brand on social media.

  13. 80/20 Rule:

    80% value 20 percent promotions keep this in mind. The 80/20 rule is very important for not driving away all your followers. so there’s actually a grew a good post, it’s pretty short and sweet but it really explains this well it’s called social media and the 80/20 rule. how to how not to alienate your audience so what you do here is you post value entertaining educational type stuff. 80% of the time and then you do promotions for your brand 20% of the time. if you do promotions for your brand like coupons and sales and all that stuff all the time people are going to week, they don’t care about your advertisements. unless they already like your brand so to get people to like your brand. before they see your advertisements in weave you need to post things like videos behind-the-scenes, photos, educational stuff, quotes images, of some of your employees having a lot of fun with customers, stuff like that you need to read a post like this and get some ideas of kind of what you can post and what 80% of value looks like in the 20% selling but keep that ratio okay always be providing value for with nothing in return and 20% selling or promoting.

  14. Post Timing:

    Maximize reach with post timings so your timing needs to be great. you need to keep this in mind all the time post at the right times on the right platforms. different platforms require different posting times for the best engagement there’s a post on Coschedule called what 16 studies say about the best times to post on social media? so this is a post that accumulated 16 different studies. instead of just one and figured out what the best actual post times are based on a series of studies. instead of just one one-sided study. so if you check this out you’ll figure out kind of how to post on social media, what times work best for which for instance Facebook you look at 9 a.m. 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. They’ll give you some additional tips in there as well best days of the week best times. you’ll know to do this for other ones they’ll do it for Twitter 12:00 p.m. 3 p.m. 5 & 6 p.m. Wednesday is the best day to post, so go through that article and it’ll tell you the best times and best days to post.

  15. Sensefull Social Media:

    Only use platforms that make sense just because there’s you know a few dozen social media platforms doesn’t mean. you should use every single one of them and there’s a great post on KISSmetrics.com that talks about which social media accounts really matter and why so I would recommend this article, you go check out this article and it will kind of explain more in depth why you should use certain platforms. if it makes sense for your particular brand. just because one brand uses it doesn’t mean you should, you shouldn’t. just be a jack of all social media platforms you should master just the ones that are going to get you more business so think about that when you’re making your profiles. if it doesn’t benefit you at all and your customer base is not on Tumblr don’t make a tumblr profile it’d be a waste of time don’t waste any time work as efficiently as possible on social media.

  16. Great Post with Image & Text:

    Mix up content mediums, in other words, use photos, use words, use quotes, use videos, use infographics, use questions, use polls. there’s a lot of different types of posts that you can do one person that does this particularly. well as Danny Johnson you’ll find her Facebook page to be pretty popular and she is very good at mixing it up. she does photos, she does videos, she does different types of photos and videos she does a few promotions every once in a while. she does a link every once in a while to a blog post that she did she does up something like a quote or just a quick message. she does an image of people behind the scenes, there are all kinds of stuff that she does and she really mixes it up well so she never know what she’s going to post next and it keeps her people coming so check out her profile to get an idea of how you should mix up different types of social media post mediums.

  17. Website Linking:

    Link to your website from all your profiles so this is of course very important because you’re not going to get all your business just on your social media profiles. maybe in the future, you will have more and more ways to buy things directly on social media. I know Facebook’s working on that but right now link to your website from all your profiles to get more traffic and to get more subscribers to your mailing list and to get more customers trying to get quotes and things like that on your website. so the link you’ll notice that all the major profiles all the major brands on social media linked to their main website. for instance, you go to the entrepreneur on Twitter and they have entrepreneur.com as the link to their website if you go to my profile you’ll notice anantvijaysoni.com is linked to my profile it’s very easy to get to the website. the easier you make it for people the more likely they are to do it so just keep that in mind and it will really help you get more traffic.

  18. Brain your images and your videos:

    When you post videos and images which are some of the most popular ways to get more engagement on social media. you’ll notice that branding can really help you because if you don’t post a link. so for instance if you’re on Facebook and you share a post on Facebook like I said earlier you don’t want to post a lot of links here because you’ll get a lot a very small amount of reach of your followers so very few of your followers will actually see links that you post on your page. so it’s better to post more images, it’s better to post more things like that that Facebook actually gives More engagement – so, for instance, you see this image over and you’ll notice that we have 654 engagements with few post and it’s just an image with some message behind it. here’s a message here 247 engagements but then you look at few posts and there’s a link, she only has 19 engagements. this one there’s a link here only 56. so you’ll notice there’s always a trend of images and directly uploaded videos getting more engagement on Facebook.

    Therefore you want to do those things but when you share an image say you share an image, if you share that image and there’s not a link to your profile people are not going to even really know much about who is from or fate let’s say they share the image or they save it and post it somewhere else if you have your actual logo at the bottom like Danny Johnson does and her website. you will get more people visiting without even having to have a direct link so you just get your brand and front of as many people as possible and it’s kind of like a sign. you know you go down the street and you see a sign for a business like a restaurant or something. there’s no direct link it’s just a place where you can see that brand is where you can see it. just allows you on social media to see who it’s from what the source of the image, is it also makes your image look more professional because the logo on there always looks good. if you have a nice logo and of course you can direct people back to your website. like she does pointing people to Danny Johnson calm form or if they like that so when people share images and share videos without a direct link make sure you have your logo on there. so that you’re still getting quite a bit of branding and always make sure is looking good.

    The reason people share content is that of a few different things and it’s covered in this article on buffer called why do people share what they do here’s what neuroscience psychology and relationships tell us about highways shareable content. so if you want to build a social media presence get more traffic and get more customers you need to know, why people actually engage with things on social media there’s a psychology to it and there are five main reasons why people shared on social media and neuroscience. they share to entertain inspire or be useful so when people share your post instead of just liking it or something they share it. because they want their friends to see it and if they want their friends to see if they feel good about being connected to that post because if they Share, they are not going to share, something that they think would make them look bad. if you’re for if you see one of your friends sharing something that’s very controversial or something you might think less of them you might be wondering. you know what’s their deal so make your post really shareable make it look good. when people share it because it’s positive, it’s motivating, it’s entertaining, it’s interesting, another thing is psychology. we share to express who we really are so if people really resonate with something that you post a lot of times they’ll share it if it really if they feel like it really hits home or really describes them.

  1. Community:

    Community to nurture your relationship so you could share it to say they might feel like it helps them connect with people or it might help them develop a connection with their friends that they haven’t talked to in a long time or something also motivation is another thing. so if there are quotes gets shared a lot because they’re motivating, they motivate them they motivate their friends so they get shared that’s banal waste altruism to get the word out about specific causes so if people were interested in a certain charity or remember the ALS ice bucket challenge that was a big deal. they’re raising money for ALS and it was just a quick challenge and people were doing the ice bucket thing on their head and challenging a few other people that do it. so that was something that spread really fast got lots of shares on social media and it’s just an example of something that that benefits a cause so that’s another thing gets shared a lot. so check out this article it’s great it’s on buffered calm it’ll show you more in depth of why people share the 5 main reasons for doing it. so it will help you craft better posts on social media in the future.

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