Remix OS for PC (Android for the desktop free to download)

Run Android on Your PC - Remix OS for PC

So far, You are enjoying the Android operating system on your mobile, but the Android app can also be used to run on your computer. But there is no effective way, to run Android in your PC or computer, but now it’s Possible, because of Remix OS. Do you want to know about it?

What is Remix OS?

Remix OS is an Android-based operating system, specially designed for desktop computers and laptops, making you blend mobile and desktop Experience will be gained. Remix OS is built by “Jide Technology”, who is the official partner of Android-x86 Open Source Project. The purpose of creating Remix OS is to provide the Android PC experience to the users. There is a type of Android Windows.

Features of Remix OS:

  • Just like the Windows itself, there is a convenience of the taskbar, in which the Start Menu and System Tray are also given. From which you can easily run any application.
  • While you are not able to do multitasking right on the Android phone yet, in the Remix OS you can also open many windows like Windows, resize them, and remix OS ) You will also see Maximize and Minimize option for the first time in Android.
  • There is a Horizontal Notifications Bar on the right side of the desktop of Remix OS, where you will see the required Notifications, some of them are similar to Windows 8.
  • Most of them work in Windows keyboard shortcuts, which will make it even more unlikely to run.
  • Remix OS can be easily run on Windows with Dual Boot Mode
  • It has an advanced File Manager, which can easily organize the files.
  • The biggest thing is given in the Google Play Store in Remix OS, which allows you to run Unified Mobile Apps (Android Mobile Application) on a computer.

How to download Remix OS for PC

Remix OS is completely free to use and free to download, so far you will get the free download of its updates. You can download the Remix OS by going to “” and download free 32-bit and 64-bit and You can download through the torrent for both operating systems, you need a uTorrent or BitTorrent software.